The Aussie sun is particularly powerful and its solar energy develops a whopping heat accumulation in your roof cavity, which then transfers into the rooms below, despite insulation or batts.


Taylor & Son Roofing now produces Tileguard® Heatguard, supplied in a full range of colours, to combat this heat absorption.  Industry standards measure the heat reflective properties of roof coatings in terms of Total Solar Reflection (TSR).


TSR is a measurement of the solar energy reflected by the roof coating as a fraction or percentage of the total solar energy hitting the roof. The higher the TSR rating, the less solar energy is absorbed into the coating and through your roof into your home. For example, ordinary dark colours have a TSR rating of about 7% meaning they ‘soak up’ around 93% of the suns’ heat. Dark colours absorb much more heat than lighter colours and score very low TSR ratings.

Independent tests show that even with the darkest Tileguard® Heatguard colours, the TSR is almost 30%. Thats a 400% improvement in the amount of solar energy reflected away from your roof.  This means you can be sure with Tileguard® Heatguard heat reflective roof coating, your home will remain cooler even with dark colours.

      1. Repel solar heat
      2. Your home stays cooler in summer
      3. Cut energy costs
      4. Add value to your home by protecting your roof
      5. Visual benefits to your roof
      6. Reduce carbon footprint
      7. Cut greenhouse emissions


white colour  White 89.3 TSR  Gull Grey  Gull Grey 57.8 TSR  Amber  Amber54.2 TSR  Terracotta colour  Terracotta 46.4 TSR  Brushwood colour  Brushwood 42.6 TSR  Mocha colour  Mocha 40.0 TSR

Autumn colour  Autumn 37.7 TSR  colour Rivergum  Rivergum 36.3 TSR  Dark Brown colour  Dark Brown 33.9 TSR  Cobble colour  Cobble 31.5 TSR  Rich Red colour  Rich Red 30.4 TSR  Charcoal colour  Charcoal 29.6 TSR

Bluestone colour  Bluestone 28.0 TSR  Black colour  Black 26.0 TSR

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