Roof Restoration and Guttering Berwick

Taylor and Son Roofing is south east Melbourne’s # 1 roofing company with more than 40 years of experience in the industry. We offer best advice and services for roof restoration, roof repairs, guttering and roofing for our customers in Berwick and surrounding suburbs. We help you ensure that your house, especially the roof is protected from the elements of nature.

Our services in Berwick include:

  • FREE Inspection and assessment.
  • Flexible pointing.
  • Ridge cap re-bedding
  • Pressure washing
  • Replacement/Renew damaged tiles
  • Clean up and removal of all leftover tiles/broken tiles from your residence.
  • Professional Repairs

We can restore your roof to its former glory. Ideal when looking to refresh your house, may be you’re thinking of selling and what some added street appeal? Your house deserves the right first impression.

We provide a full range of Roof Cleaning. A dirty or overly mossy roof can provide the perfect breeding ground for a leak, mould or mildew to grow within your ceiling space. A dirty or uncared for roof can cause added costs in the future if your roof is not maintained.

Pressure cleaning of your roof is an ideal and inexpensive way to maintain one of the most important structures of your home.

Call us Today on 0402 439 107 or 03 9796 9232 for your roofing, guttering, roof restoration and roof repairs. We give a free no obligation quote to get your roof back in shape!